Load / Unload filament for dual extruder setup?

Hi all.

I know there are a couple of plugins out there that'll let you load or unload the filament. However, I have yet to find a plugin that will allow me to select on which extruder. I have a dual extruder setup (E0 and E1).

Does anyone know of a plugin that will allow me to load / unload the extruder of my choosing?

Hello @NMGMarques!

No as I know.
I would be in need for one too.
Ok, the printer menu includes filament load/change/unload but only for rigid filaments. That is way to fast for TPU etc.

The printer menu? You mean the physical printer control board / display? Yeah, I want to avoid that as for some reason whenever i have OctoPrint connected to the printer, if I touch the controls on the printer, it tends to reboot the Marlin controller. So I kind of need to doo it all via OctoPrint.

That's weird! With my Vivedino T-Rex 3 I have not this issue.

Maybe something too close to the reset button inside the case when the USB cable is connected?

Nope. I have had this issue since day one and have spent hours trying to figure it out.