Location icons in navbar


Wondering if there is a way to configure / override / force / ... the position/order of plugin icons in the navbar? And if so, how/where pls?


Do you mean the nav bar or the tab bar?

For the latter one there is:

Or, also for the nav bar:

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These are the configuration options:

The tab order plugin does it for the tabs, navbar I believe you will have to edit the config.yaml file yourself

Navbar, so where the "on/off" button is.

OctoPrint-DragonOrder worked like a charm.
But also good to know where it's configured.

Thank you both!

Afaik it needs no configuration.

Ain't it so, @jneilliii ?

I meant the other method -> manual entry in config.yaml

Yeah, Dragon Order just front ends the default settings in config.yaml. Once you've set it the way you like you can actually disable the plugin completely and the order will still remain the way you set it.

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Nice! I was going to ask the same question as the OP. I hadn't realized that you could change also the order of the navbar items with DragOnOrder plugin. It was getting annoying that the items were always at different positions with each UI load.