Log in and nothing

I log in and just nothing -> F12 is showing a bunch of errors, see below
What can I do?

packed_core.js?8eb28490:15986 Could not instantiate the following view models due to unresolvable dependencies:
(anonymous) @ packed_core.js?8eb28490:15986
packed_core.js?8eb28490:15988 actionCommandPromptViewModel (missing: accessViewModel )
(anonymous) @ packed_core.js?8eb28490:15988
packed_core.js?8eb28490:15988 announcementsViewModel (missing: accessViewModel )
(anonymous) @ packed_core.js?8eb28490:15988
packed_core.js?8eb28490:15988 loginUiViewModel (missing: accessViewModel, coreWizardAclViewModel )

.... and so it goes on ...

The first step would be to reload/refresh your browser and see if it's now happy. Providing the requested logs would help people to see if anything's going on otherwise. Restarting in Safe Mode would show you if this is caused by a 3rd-party plugin or not.

As I said in your last thread - we don't know what you did.
The logs would be a first start, but yeah.. how did you set up your OctoPrint instance?

You should also mention that you're trying to set up your own OctoPrint instance on a Beaglebone Black.