Logging dashboard plugin information

Is there a way to get the print data from the dashboard plug-in after the print is done? I want to collect the data from my prints. I have gone into the logging levels section in the settings and enabled octoprint.plugins.dashboard with info in the 'level' dropbar. I rebooted octoprint and ran the print again but the logs are not being populated. I'm new to octoprint so I'm not too familiar with the logging section.

What kind of data do you want?

The data may not be logged, even if you change it to debug - it requires plugin authors to have added (what is for most unnecessary) logging to their plugins already. The debug level is used for development and testing bugs, not for data output.

The dashboard plugin accumulates the data from a number of sources. For example for the times, it is from Print Time Genius which might be stored in the file metadata.

These are the parameters I would like to log: Feed rate, Fan Gauge, Temperature Gauges, Layer Duration, estimated print time. I would like to use the data gathered in a machine learning project. Do you think it would be possible to get this information from my prints?

It would be possible, and it would probably be easier to write your own plugin to get the data out in the way you would like it.

Thank you. Ill look into that