Logging from Javascript using Octoprint?

Is there a possibility build it to log from plugin JavaSript to OctoPrint logging system?

To me it's hard-core to use web-browser (Firefox developer tools) for debugging OctoPrint JavaScript code.
Would be nice to have a possibility to use "printf()-debugging" instead.
Or what are you using to debug new plugin JavaScript code?
I don't have any idea, because this is not "my world".
I would be thrilled if I had a debugger that work similar to a C system debugger.

Every hint is wellcome :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks in advantage!

There isn't. I strongly recommend getting familiarized with the developer tools, they contain a debugger as well as the console you can use for print-style debugging.

thanks for the reply Foosel.
Do you mean the developer tools from OctoPrint Git? Or do you have something else up your sleeves?

In the mean time I became a little bit more familar with the Firefox WebDevTools Debugger. It's not so bad. Breakpoints, look to variables an call stack is well supported.

I meant the browser debugging tools. They are pretty rounded out and are what I use myself. Better than any stuff I could somehow build and hook into the backend.