Looking for a Dashboard maintainer

I wrote the Dashboard plugin with a great deal of help from the community about a year ago. It has been a really fun project but I no longer have the time to maintain and improve the plugin since I'm now even more busy with both work, family and other projects.

The plugin seems to be pretty well received and has about 9K installs so far.

I'm looking for someone who would be interested in taking over ownership of the plugin and possibly take it to the next level.

Let me know if you are interested.

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You might want to also submit an abandonment issue on the plugin repo, might have additional visibility that way.

Done. Thanks!

Maintenance of the Dashboard plugin has now been handed over to new maintainers. I'll try to find some time to contribute again in the future when life has settled down a bit. Thank you all!


@Stefan_Cohen - thank you so much for admitting you haven't got the time for maintenance, and gracefully handing over the plugin to new maintainers. Many plugins get left to die by their authors, and it is a PITA to find a new person, and then transfer everything when the author does not respond. Doing it this way is so much smoother for everyone!

I always thought you would easily end up with a new maintainer, since it is a very good plugin and very popular. Thank you for all your work, hope to see you back with contributions in the future!


Thanks for your effort on the plugin. It's by far one of my favorite plugins. I'm glad someone picked it up.

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