Looking for a plugin developer for Octoprint

Hello Octo community!
I have developed a pcb that can connect with the raspberry and makes it easy for the user to connect the following hardware components: 3 fans, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, microphone, current relay, LED panel. I would like to develop a plugin to be able to interact with the pcb from the same Octoprint interface.To date I have developed in python the basic options to test all components.

Would anyone from the community be available to do this project? I need budget.
What do you think of the idea about the pluggin?
The next idea would be to integrate the plugin into an app.

Wouldn't the enclosure plugin fit the bill in this situation?

Thanks for replying, I knew you would! :wink:

Exact! The idea is to obtain a "custom plugin enclosure" for the PCBa that I have designed, so that any user who has my PCBa can connect and configure everything in a simple and practical way.

Could you point me to fellow community members who can make this custom plugin? Thanks in advance. Greetings.

No, I meant there is already a plugin that can control it...