Looking for a plugin/UI developer full/part time


Hello Octoprint community,

My name is Björn and I am currently building a new 3D printing start-up. We are developing new 3D printers and have chosen Octoprint to control our machine. As our process is much different from the FDM process we needed to do some modifications to the UI.
The first steps were enough to get the prototype running. Now we need somebody to make the real UI and implement more features.

So here is my question: is there somebody on the forum here looking for a job as either a part or full time software developer for Octoprint/Plugins? Or do you know somebody who might be interested?

Ideally you should already have knowledge and experience of the Octoprint plugin framework. Also you should have experience in building web UI’s.
You could work from home or out of our office in the Stuttgart (Germany) area.

If you want to know more, feel free to ask me anything you like.




Hi Björn, I'd definitely be interested in full- or part-time work with anything related to OctoPrint, its plugins and 3D printers. I recently did some contract work for Robo 3D, a local 3D printer manufacturer so I have relative experience.

The software academy where I worked for the last year just closed their business down; yesterday was their last day. So your timing is great. :wink: