Looking for a plugin/UI developer

Please help me develop one octoprint plugin that is using gRPC to integrate with a workflow engine (zeebe).
This plugin should be able to receive and execute basic commands like receive/load file, start print, notify print finished.
I'm willing to pay ~500$, negotiable to complete someone else's job. And the source code is open.
Thank you,

It might be a good idea to post current state of the existing plugin so we could have a better understanding of how far along the work is currently and know what would be left to complete. I've developed a plugin for MyMiniFactory and Autodrop3D that are kind of workflow types of products and integrate with external APIs, etc. but amd not familiar with gRPC.

hi @jneilliii ,

This is the repository containing the plugin.
State persistence is not so good and log mechanism has persistence issues also.
As for gRPC integration, only the connectivity has been tested. Te real commands have to be reviewed.

Please have a look and tell me your opinion.
Thanks much,


hi @jneilliii ,

I didn't hear any news from you recently :slight_smile: . Did you manage to have a look over the repository? Can you help me finish the implementation?

Kind regards,

I have not yet had a chance to look at it, in the middle of a headquarters office move for my day job and will be for a bit more. Other developers like @Charlie_Powell, @kantlivelong, or @TTalkington may have an interest though.

I have no time for my own stuff at the moment, so can't really take on anything else. Can't commit to anything.