Looking For a Smart Switch Plugin

I have been using the tp link plugin for a while to control my ender 3 and a lamp for a while. A while ago I bought another ender 3. I didn't have enough desk space so I moved them onto a small folding table under the stairs. I don't have room for a lamp so I was wondering if there was a plugin to control a smart switch for the light(I live in the US). I think the HS200 would be a good option but I wasn't sure it would be compatible.

If the HS200 is controlled by the Kasa App then there is a good chance that the TPLink-Smartplug plugin would work.

I bought the smart switch on amazon. I couldn't install it because the neutral wire doesn't go through the switch but one is required. I am looking for other solutions I could use a smart bulb if those are compatible or I could try another solution.

I do have the TPLink Smartbulb plugin as well specifically for controlling those kasa based lightbulbs.

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