Looking for plugin testers - Octolapse v0.3.4



Hi fellow OctoPrinters!

It's been a long time since the last stable Octolapse update, and I'm trying hard to get the next version out, but I need some help. Turns out I added way too many features at once (multi-camera and DSLR support, feature detection, new slicer specific settings, text overlays, better error messages and validation, themeify compatibility and a lot more...), and am having trouble testing everything out.

If anyone here is interested in taking the new version for a test drive, here is a link you can use to install the latest version (v0.3.4rc1.dev3) from the plugin manager: https://github.com/FormerLurker/Octolapse/archive/v0.3.4rc1.dev3.zip

Warning: If you've already installed Octolapse, you will lose all of your snapshot profile customizations. They will be replaced with the new defaults (which are better anyway).

If you decide to give it a go, make sure to reboot after installation then clear your browser cache when Octoprint is finished rebooting (ctrl + f5). Here is a video explaining how to configure the new version. You might be interested in taking a look at the new 'Layer Change - High Quality' snapshot profile, which should get rid of those pesky artifacts that Octolapse sometimes can leave. Watch the video first, since it will explain how to get that working correctly.

You can leave feedback on Github here. Let me know if you have problems or questions, I'm glad to help!

Edit: Updated links for the new version


i always thought octolapse should parse the gcode..look for settings and import them as a start point ( z heights layer heights bounding box and timings.. and reverse iengineer the proper print settings from that when you load a gcode file.. some even have comments with all the settings

side note: i want a plugin that logs the settings for each print and or allows tweaks based on it ( parses gcode uploads) (teaks like temperatures.. removing or adding a brim or speeds ( overall speed boost or slodown of feedrate with awareness of printers max speeds as cap.) and logs it with linked to the time laps and costs from cost plugins in a nice spreadsheet looking layout.. ( filament use and color/.brand etc)


This is in the works! You are the third person in as many days to mention this :slight_smile: Check out this new plugin that parses gcode settings from slic3r and simplify (cura is not compatible at the moment).