Looking for someone to take over my plugins


Plugins by Author <- my registered plugins

If anyone is interested in taking over ownership of these registered plugins, raise your hand. I also have a bunch of unregistered stuff that I don't think anyone but me is using, but obviously I don't know for sure.

@jneilliii You made a monitoring plugin right? With the temp and camera on a single page? I made my own attempt as something similar a while ago with the controls on the sidebar and temp/cam on a single tab https://github.com/ntoff/OctoPrint-Ui but never really got around to actually making the tab page. You might be interested in integrating that sidebar so you can control and monitor without ever having to switch tabs?

Whoever does the navbar status plugins (I think there's 2 separate plugins/authors) might be interested in https://github.com/ntoff/OctoPrint-FanSpeed 's method of retrieving repetier host's fan speeds, that allows the navbar fan speed to be displayed even if it's set from the printer itself, or from an SD based print (limited to repetier firmware based printers as it can provide fan speed feedback).

A lot of my "code" was written using the Ballmer Peak technique in the middle of the night so most of it is probably incoherent and incomprehensible. It's pretty clear I have no clue what I'm doing so I'm offering them all up for adoption to someone more capable.


I did, but never really went anywhere. I think I've already got enough on my plate with my other plugins, otherwise I would take that on. Hopefully someone else steps up.