Looking for the Klipper/Octo professionals

Hello all!

I'm sorry if I'm putting this topic in the wrong place but I'm looking for someone ore someones who are familiar with both Octoprint and Klipper (or OctoKlipper) to participate in our custom project. Your assistance will be well paid and we may also build a long term business relationships.

Long story short, here are the details. https://github.com/KevinOConnor/klipper/issues/2739

Regards, Vlad


I'm not really sure if this even needs to be a software issue. All you really need to do is forward the stepper driver signal to num steppers.

...Or am I missing something?

Ah doh hotend temperature PID control! Depending on the use case it could just be worth externalizing the PID control of the hotends and just faking the results to the firmware.

Yeah, ya missing something.
We need a feedback from all the 28 temperature sensors to be shown in Octo. Also to have a possibility to turn on/off particular extruder from the front end. Logging 'em all, et cetera...

I just checked and OctoPrint will accept 30 tools (though it doesn't look nice in the UI). Depending on the use case of this it could be worth just MITMing the controller/firmware of choice and designing a simple PCB that can handle the PID control for all the extruders. That's what I'd do if I were to implement it as a hobby project.

Wow, this project is crazy...can we say mass production?

At what point does injection molding become cheaper?

So means will need a custom UI or plug-in...


We are about to do the same, but how to connect it to Octo?


At some point))))

Another serial device in between the controller that acts as a man in the middle. In most cases it will just forward tx/rx between OctoPrint(or whatever host software) and the controller. But when receiving M104/M109 it could parse the tool# and send it to the appropriate tool controller.

I see, sorry, din't know this short cut.

So it actually won't be connected to the Klipper itself, right? Mate, I'm really sorry but I'm not in the programming field for year already, I'm a mechanical engineer and concept designer but I really need someone to help me to get the project done in a as best way as possible. Could you please contact me directly by mail a.aeon93(at)gmail ?

I sent you a PM here.

Still looking for...