Looking for topic/thread on “Plugin basics, management and best known methods/practices”

Hi. As My son & I start to bring our first OctoPrint & MK3S+ up, I find that there are so many plugins that we would like to add & use.
We did some searching for guidance & advice on the basic setup, install & configuration of plugins.

Things we have found:
Plugins are great!
Plugins can be buggy. (use at own risk)
Blacklisted plugins are bad.

Things we would like to explore:
How many plugins are too many to have installed and/or running)
Any lists or threads on incompatible plugins? (Some plugins have documentation with known conflicts)
Any advice on plugin install methods. (like “always install this plugin before that plugin.)

I hope this is a new topic. If not, please point me and hopefully a moderator can review and close.

In most cases plugins that don't show up in plugin manager search are "safe".

The number of plugins you can run depends really on the type of plugin, how well it was programmed, and the device you're running OctoPrint on. For example, you can run way more plugins without any adverse effect on a pi4 vs a pi zero.

None that I'm aware of except the blacklisted ones.

That depends on the plugins and their required dependencies. Some that come to mind are don't run Themeify, UI Customizer, or TouchUI in any combination. Pick one and go with it.

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Thank you!
All good feedback/info/advice.
Using a RazPi 4B 2GB, so hoping we can add a good amount of bells & whistles.
Maybe this thread can serve as a “Pulgin install basics” thread…

Generally, just don't install two plugins that claim to do the same thing and they don't conflict. If they do, it might be documented. It's generally not difficult to resolve problems. And they don't happen too often, or we would be much more busy on the forums...

In terms of ease of troubleshooting, don't install lots of plugins all at once then you will easily notice & be able to tell what's the problem. One at a time so you can quickly uninstall if stuff goes wrong.

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More great advice.
Thank you!
We did find this:
It has most of the info.
Now I feel bad for creating noise.
Apologies - first post…

Just to make sure you know, there is also the Plugin Repository online which shows more details.