Mad Max mask design

Thought I'd work on a mask for myself. Hoping for function over form but a little style doesn't hurt. Snagged a Hoover-branded HEPA barrel filter (0.3μ) to cannibalize for this. I've got some ideas for where this goes next... It might display the zigzag filter as a smile across the front which would look like a mascot plushie of mine (rescued from a claw game). Or it might conceal the filters singly or in pairs perhaps. I'm familiar with scuba equipment so I might model one or two valves in this. Not really sure which I'd like to do. The jawline will get some foam and a seal of some kind yet allows me to still talk while wearing it. I've altered the top fillet in the last version so it doesn't look exactly like this; it doesn't cut into the strap slots now, in other words.

I'd also like to work up some goggles like the short-lived Medusa design by Oakley. Given the shape, I have a feeling like theirs would totally fit without any modifications to this already.

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 6.31.08 PM


Cool. Did you 3d-map your head ;-)?

My entire body, for what it's worth. So I sliced across that with a plane to lower the complexity, creating a bust.