MagPi #69 Article: 3D printing with R-Pi & OctoPrint

MagPi Issue #69 includes an article on 3D Printing with a Raspberry Pi using OctoPrint. The 3D printing article starts on page 16. THe Raspberry Pi/OctoPrint stuff starts on page 20.

It's a nice article, and some good publicity, but I have to wonder if the author actually set up and ran what they describe in the article. They leave out or gloss over some fairly important details. For example, they say the Cura .ini profile should be included with your printer (no mention of the fact that you need an older version of Cura to create the profiles, and that what might be included with a new printer - if it is included at all - is likely to be profiles from a newer, incompatible version of Cura). No mention of multiple profiles for different filaments. They do suggest installing the Full Featured Slicer Plugin, so maybe someone can get away with just one profile and tweaking the settings from there? They also don't mention the need to set up the printer profile or the need to use an appropriate text editor to edit the networking files.

Good PR for OctoPrint, but I suspect we'll see an influx of requests for help.

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Yeah, I see it the same as you. I was also a bit surprised that they managed to not even link to anything but the download page.

I posted a note with some links in the MagPi section of the Raspberry Pi Forums