Making a @connect command

Hi there!

Is it possible to get the REST API commands connect and disconnect into a @command?

To send an @ command, you would have to be connected to the printer already, so I don't see the use for @connect?

I see.

The problem is:

I run a Prusa MK2.5S with MMU2S.
Sometimes the MMU runs into an issue with a tool at the start of a print.
After fixing the issue and restarting the print the firmware reports the tool that had the issue as not usable and reverts to another tool.

I would like to restart the printer at the start of a print to get it back to normal settings.

Does Prusa have a software reset gcode command? It doesn't seem to support M999 based on G-code - RepRap but not sure how up to date that is.

Edit: Quick search seems to indicate D0 might be the command. G-code - RepRap

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M999 only works in case of an error that makes the printer stop.

There are debug commands that include D0 (restart), but the debug mode has to be activated in the firmware.


So my idea was to disconnect/connect to the printer that it performs a restart on connection.