Managing filament cost and quantity across Octoprint instances

I use Filament manager on a number of printers but of course I use the same filament in various machines making it had to track both stock and accuracy of estimated costs.

I read something about using an external database (SQL).

I have some knowledge of setting up and running MS Access databases many years ago (25 years ago!!). So please consider me a bit dumb, but the mild tech memory might come back.

Can anyone give me some pointers how to link each Octoprint instance to a common database of filament/price/stock/type etc?

Filament manager does support storing things in an external database using postgresql. There's an old guide here on it's wiki for setting it up, not sure if it still works the same way these days

Setup PostgreSQL on Raspbian (Stretch) Β· OllisGit/OctoPrint-FilamentManager Wiki (

The SpoolManager plugin equally has a similar database integration with instructions on it's associated wiki.