Manual Bed leveling wizard plugin suggestion/request


The latest version has that already. You set the custom points in settings.


oic, didn't check the settings
that's good it is implemented now

I just noticed in my original screenshot of the setting, there is option to set the Z-Axis speed.

Would that be something you can add as well, so it would be exactly like the simply3d one?


That's in the settings too...


Okay looks like it is there
but for reason when I saw the setting the first time
I must of missed it or misread it..


hooOOHwee, but those jneiliii's think of everything! /southernaccent


I am from the


I'm new with the whole 3D printing (but at least I have programmer experience :smiley: ). Can't we get a small interface with bed/nooze temp control, and rectangle draw? In my exp, printing is the best measurement of bed leveling, and I hate it, when I need to adjust the last corner, and need to waste all the material for all the other rects from the standard bedleveling models.

Sth like this: but with the ability to choose what position I want that square/circle.