Mega Thermal runaway warning


I get the above warning in Octoprint when I log onto my printer.

I contacted Anycubic and received the following response.
Hi there,

Thank you for your email and support for ANYCUBIC. This is the ANYCUBIC after-sales technical support department.

We have enabled this feature in all firmware. You can see this in the firmware source code through this link.

"A pic of the config file is placed in the email"

I hope this can help you.

Have a good day.


Can anyone verify this?

Thank you


seems enabled to me, you'd probably need to compile it and flash your printer (if it's using an older version) to get the benefits though.


And then I need someone to provide me with M115 output and a log of OctoPrint's initial connection to such a flashed printer so I can defang the printer safety warning for those fixed versions.

That won't happen automagically, I need data :wink:


I love that expression :smile: