Meross Wifi 16A Plugin!? or other affordable with power measure

Hi all
dedicated to the Plugin writers.

Please can somebody add more wifi Plugs to the system as the maket for TP Link comes more and more expensive or even not available any more.

Would like to order Kasa KP115 with the power measure funktion but it upped 25% in price
Tapo fork newer worked for me!

Found this wonderful cheap wifi Plug that seems to be very common.

Could anybody dig in if it is possible to monitor (power) and manage it by a octoprint Plugin

could anybody explain a little bit deeper how the adressing of such wifi plugs work and what is necessary to manage them via wifi?

Thank you in advance

I really would appreciate to have more of this plugs supported that measure energy consumption and mak my house saver (emergency cut off main)

Not sure if that is a recommendable switch, many users on ama. report of problems with the switch turning itself off at random moments. I wouldn't like that in the 23rd hour of a big print.

The other problem I see is that it is not clear what chip these Wlan-switches use. It is not listed on the Tasmota list of supported devices. If it was an ESP82xx you could try to flash Tasmota, an alternative firmware onto it. But I read that at least some of the Meross products use a Mediatek chip, so no flashing is possible.

Another switch, 16A and energy-accounting as well and in a similar price range can be found on ama. searching for SP112. I got a bunch of them at a time when they were at half the price than what they are now. They work reliably and are based on an ESP82xx so with a calm hand and some patience I could flash them all.

W/o flashing you will have to install still another app on your phone to enter the credentials to your Wlan into the switch and from then on the switch communicates with the manufacturer's server and all your usage data will be sold to data brokers. There is no way to directly talk to those devices, harvesting your data is part of their business plan.

In order to create an OctoPrint plugin for this smart plug, the plug's communication protocol needs to be publicly available. If the manufacturer is willing to publish this information, then something probably can be done. If they are not willing to release this information, it may be possible to reverse engineer it but that will most likely require having one of these plugs physically in the possession of the person doing the work.

Several of those cheapy style smart plugs utilize the Tuya system and in some cases the Tuya plugin will work to control them, although it's harder to setup than TPLink or Tasmota plugins.

Honestly if it can't run Tasmota or an equivalent FOSS project I wouldn't even consider it. Just my opinion but I like to own and control my devices and not be at the mercy of some vendor and their cloud service.


I have these plugs. They aren't compatible with Tasmota or Tuya. They don't have a chip that you can reflash. The company does make public an API, but it has a limit on how many calls you can make a day and exceeding that limit gets you kicked off the server for about 24 hours.. Some people have reverse engineered the protocol so they can be controlled locally (without using Meross' servers). This is all a bit beyond me, but there are at least plugins for Home Assistant that use the protocol and someone with more experience than me could port what is needed from for example GitHub - krahabb/meross_lan: Home Assistant integration for Meross devices

I have one of these Meross plugs and I'm also looking to figure out auto-power-off. Isn't this possible with the IFTTT plugin which has support for both web hooks and the Meross ecosystem?