Mesh Bed Leveling

Hey guys,

Just wondering if Octo has a plugin like Matter Control does for taking care of bed leveling? I'm finding Marlins mesh leveling supper buggy and have been using Matter Control to look after it as its much more reliable.

But now want to move control of the printer off to the Pi?


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I came to ask exactly the same question as it seems to me an ideal arrangement for Octopi.
I can only assume that all the developer types have either got fancy printers with auto bed levelling, or they enjoy incremental screwing.

I wrote a plugin BedLevelingWizard that mimics Simplify3D process, but it requires screwing. If the Matter Control process could be explained in a little more detail I might be able to help, but yeah...I have a fancy wang-bang bltouch auto bed leveling gen 1 CR-10 utilizing UBL in Marlin (which stores mesh data to EEPROM) and I rarely have to probe..

I wrote a little something some time ago, never found the time to finish it, but still use it every day:

Maybe someone wants to expand it. Current features include:

  • Automatic bed leveling according to user defined profiles for different print heads or other tools attached to the printer.
  • All offsets can be set on the fly, so the whole probed area is completely user defined (can also probe PCBs, milling tables etc.)
  • Secure homing for probes attached to the print head without any firmware support.
  • Move segmentation, to adapt long moves to bed surface.
  • Custom feed rates for probing.
  • Correction fading at a custom height, so the part isn't warped in the end.
  • Visual 2D-representation of the bed surface.
  • Custom mesh size, can probe a different amount of X and Y points if necessary, and as many points as the user wants.

Things on my ToDo-List:

  • Maybe use something else than linear approximation for height calculations. My version worked fine so far though and is easy to calculate.
  • Implement move segmentation for arc moves and other movement commands.
  • Maybe put the settings in the settings menu, the main tabs are already quite full in the default setup.
  • Add firmware support for printers not based on Marlin.
  • Maybe add further options for probing, for example to probe a non-rectangular surface (delta printers, work pieces).

Obviously any automatic leveling and homing must be disabled in the firmware configuration for this plugin to work. Have fun!