Mini repeatedly ejecting/changing filament during the print

I've got a Prusa MINI/+ (with a filament sensor) hooked up to a RaspPi 4B/2G running Octoprint 1.8.2. During my latest print the printer keeps stopping to eject/change the filament, like it ran out or was issued a M600 filament change. It first happened about 1-2 hours into the print, but now seems to happen every 10-20 minutes. I'm guessing that this is either:

  1. The filament sensor is having more trouble with this filament (I haven't used this particular filament before. Overture EcoPLA Midnight Black)
  2. that something is tickling the Simple Filament Change plugin.

My understanding is that #2 would cause the plugin to inject an M600 into the gcode stream, but I enabled serial logging and it doesn't seem to show that. Would the serial log/terminal actually show the M600?

I've disabled the plugin and the filament sensor to see if that fixes it, and if it does I'll try re-enabling the sensor to see if that re-introduces the problem.

Yes, the serial.log captures the entire communication that is sent to the printer - if the plugin was sending it, I would think that it would show in the log file.

Did you get anywhere disabling the sensor/plugin to test and try and isolate the issue?

I initially disabled both the plugin and the sensor, and that resolved the problem. I've since re-enabled the plugin and the problem hasn't reappeared, so that's pointing toward the sensor, which makes sense. The sporadic and hard-to-reproduce nature of the problem points to something electromechanical rather than software. Still not sure why this filament is triggering it though. I'll do more experimentation once I'm not printing critical things.