Mintion Beagle Camera: ripping off Octoprint?

[Boilerplate: I'm a very happy Octoprint user since the start of the pandemic & I'd like to offer my sincere thanks for this amazing software!]

I listen to the "3D Printing Today" Podcast & read their Google Groups forum. The forum recently mentioned a device called the "Mintion Beagle Camera", which seems to be a standalone camera for taking time-lapse videos of 3D prints in progress. 5 minutes of research on YT revealed the web UI seems quite similar to Octoprint, sharing some elements that (to my knowledge) are unique to Octoprint, as well as overall UI layout. I sincerely hope they're legally licensing your code & everything is above-board.
(I don't own this product; I am perhaps conflating too much internet research into conspiracy; I am not a lawyer, just a concerned citizen of the world.)

I'm fairly confident that it doesn't have any of OctoPrint code in it. If anything it would probably have ripped off esp3d project for such a small lower powered device.

Would it possible to use the mintion beagle cam with octoprint :shushing_face:

Probably possible. You just have to figure out the URL for the stream it provides. Typically you can load it's web interface to the stream, right-click the image and select inspect in your browser and will give some hints.

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