MKS Gen L compatible with Octoprint/OctoPi

I wish to use Octoprint or OctoPi since I have several spare Pi's with an MKS Gen L controller board. Does anybody know if this has already been tried successfully? I see two reports of unresolved difficulties automatically associated with this question.

Many thanks in advance.

I upgraded my CR-10 with MKS Gen L and had no problems with Octoprint.

I would say just try it :slight_smile:
We will help if we can

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Thank you for your experienced view. Wishing you good fortune with your future projects. I am glad I joined this community already!

I am watching so much tech review stuff on YouTube I don't get to watch TV anymore. The Crealty kit looks really cool. Thanks for letting me know how you've gotten on with yours! What do you think of the Crealty giant kit?

I have dispensed with the Gen L and instead I have ordered the SKR Pro v1.1. This is to provide greater power delivery to the TCM2209 drivers for greater speed, perhaps with shrouded, air blown stepper motors? Anybody taken such steps for performance without "magic smoke"? But also twin Z and BL Touch self levelling optical endstops plus sensorless settings for belt & braces. But no provision for cameras? Apparently there is power outage restart but for some reason the manufacturer refuses to end this to the UK? There is definitely a filament jam and run-out sensor and perhaps last of all, print end auto power off. Well that's the reasoning behind this sudden change of plan. P.s. I forgot the 35ml touchscreen, a Torus v8 extruder with a v8 .3mm ruby lined nozzle. All being sourced via Aliexpress so 14-30 days countdown. Again I have to ask if my design reasoning will be supported by Octoprint? I hope this is now NOT off-topic since this now concerns the simultaneous 12+12 & 24 Volt powered 32 bit Arm CPU SKR Pro v1.1?