Mod-t support possible python scripts available


Hi terramir here, 1st post here,
There is a guy that developed working python scripts for the mod-t the firmware ones wouldn't really be that urgent because we could use a laptop and windows app for that. But the filament loading unloading and the upload g-code script as well as the progress monitoring would allow people with a mod-t to not have to connect a windows/Mac computer everytime they wanted to print something.
Here is the link to the GitHub repository
This could be immensly helpful even though we would have to still physically press the button to start the print and we would have to configure the cura engine properly setting for that is available :wink:


If your printer is the one I'm seeing in an images search, it doesn't appear to have an LCD/TFT interface of any kind and it seems to have a single button on the front. I have no idea how one could just... :hand wave: ...add python scripts to this and then select different ones somehow. You might want to then give us some context about how all that might work.

OctoPrint (and especially the OctoPi image running on a Raspberry Pi) is a very usable software for doing a variety of things. The web interface allows you to check in on the print job which is running but nothing really requires that you stay connected to that.

That said, you would need to connect the Raspberry Pi 3B computer to the printer for this to have a chance of working.

:reading those scripts:

dev.write(2, bytearray.fromhex('246c0093ff'))
dev.write(2, '{"transport":{"attrs":["request","twoway"],"id":11},"data":{"command":{"idx":51,"name":"unload_initiate"}}};')

while True:
 dev.write(4, '{"metadata":{"version":1,"type":"status"}}')

Sorry, but that doesn't look like Marlin or reprap-compatible. I don't have much experience with Repetier but it's probably not that either.


Yeah you need to connect via USB (not serial) and load unload filament or send the entire g-code at once and then just monitor.
After the code is loaded the it does not start printing unless you hit the button so basically it's very different but if octoprint could sent those commands it would be possible to not have to use a windows computer and the proprietary app to print.


USB (abbreviation of Universal Serial Bus ) is an industry standard that establishes specifications for cables, connectors and protocols for connection, communication and power supply between personal computers and their peripheral devices.
~ Wikipedia

I'm guessing that you have to use a specific slicer for this but I couldn't tell you. I'd guess that most access normally to it is via a phone app and that those JSON messages I posted earlier are the way to talking to some sort of web or serial interface.


has anyone made progress with this? I'm also looking into adding support for the Mod-T, but I'm new to Octoprint and not sure where to start... Is there an existing plugin doing something similar where I could see how it's done, or can anyone recommend a quick and easy way to get started?


I used to have a Mod-t. It is NOT Marlin compatible, the firmware is proprietary. You can use pretty much any slicer so long as it is properly configured (I managed to find a Slic3r and AstroPrint setup).

I looked into maybe writing my own Mod-t controller. I ended up walking away from it as a waste of time. Part of the comments below are my recollections of that investigation, which was over a year ago. So you'll have to pardon me if they might be off here and there on some of the details.

With the scripts you can push a gcode file, check the status of the printer, load, and unload filament, and update the firmware, but that's about it. Consequently, this is all that is available in their little executable they provide with the printer. The firmware it proprietary, and if you want any more then that, you'll literally have to sit there and hack into the thing. Not that this is somehow an impossibility, given the printer is no longer made, and barely supported anymore, I seriously doubt you'll get any takers. Plus the firmware itself had certain failing and holes in it, if I recall.

It was a great, easy-to-use printer. Too bad they went out of business.

Oh, and DO NOT load their final firmware update. It causes the printer to just halt mid-print. Back it out and use the firmware release prior to their removal of wireless connectivity.