Monitor with Raspberry Pi 4

Is a RPi 4 running octoprint with a monitor attached viable? Simply put, install octoprint, install chromium; run chromium on kiosk mode.

From what I understand it isn't recommended with an RPi 3 even if some people seem to have made a setup like that; but the RPi 4 is more than twice as fast as RPi 3 so it could work, or?

Hello @Cristopher_Dahlstrom !

Keep in mind, that you have to install a desktop for this when you use OctoPi

sudo /home/pi/scripts/install-desktop

Well, I'm guessing a light desktop is required; the question isn't really whether chromium can be run on a RPi, the quesiton is if there are any problems doing it with Octoprint running at the same time

Chromium does run on the Pi, I have done it before. There were the occasional issues say if you opened it up and loaded the OP UI, it would slow down the printer as it couldn't cope so much.

I also had an issue with some sort of memory leak from Chromium which kind of crashed the Pi, killing it dropped the memory usage back down to normal. Web browsers are known for quite a high memory footprint.

You can also use something like OctoDash, which takes out the step of loading OctoPrint's UI (which is not that good on a touchscreen) and communicates using its API. I think generally more people try this than browser in kiosk mode.

which version of RPi were you using?

It's a Pi 4, 2GB

The short answer is... yes! The long answer is... yes you can!

I am running the exact same setup as you on my RPi 3B+ flawlessly. However, I find the actual monitoring of my OctoPrint much easier on the eyes when I configure it with AstroPrint and use their monitoring tool. AstroPrint works seamlessly with OctoPrint.