More detailed information from Prusa MK3S?

There's a lot of information available in the LCD UI on a Prusa MK3S that is not available on the Octoprint UI. Is there a plugin available that will get more information from the printer and display it? One example of something I'd like is the currently-set nozzle size (in fact that's the main pain point at the moment, but others might come up later). I've tried to search for existing plugins or functionality that does this, but didn't find anything; apologies if it's there and I just didn't find it.

If there's no plugin that does this, is it possible to develop such a plugin, or is there fundamental reason why this isn't possible? I'm happy to put in development effort for this if I can get some pointers on what documentation to read.

It would depend on if there is a gcode command that you can send to the printer and get a response back with parse-able information or not. If there is, you could use custom controls with regex templates and display the information.

So even with the serial connection directly to the printer, the only interface we have access to is gcode? If that's true, then yes, this seems hopeless. I was hoping there would be another way of talking to the printer than just gcode. Thanks for the answer!

It seems there are some prusa specific commands, if the machine is running in farm mode... They are PRUSA commands.

Thanks for that link - it looks like there might actually be gcode commands that will do what I need (M862). I'll have a look at plugin documentation and see what I can figure out. Thanks again!

Looks like you would use the Q parameter to read the current value. The docs you're looking for are here.

I think this would be a good starting point, would just need to figure out the regex, but for that would need to know the response for the command M862.1 Q when sent in terminal.

  - name: Reporting
    layout: horizontal
    - name: Get Nozzle
      command: M862.1 Q
      regex: "M862.1 ([0-9.]+)"
      template: "Diameter: {0}"