Mqtt PSU control

Hi all.

I want to send a print from cura to OP and have OP send a mqtt message to turn on my printer PSU, wait a bit and then connect to the printer and start printing.

I have installed the Cura plugin (in cura), the Mqtt plugin and the PSU control plugin. But i can't get it to send a Mqtt message when the PSU control plugin wants to turn on the printer PSU.

The reason i need this is that the smart plug i want to control the printer is connected to a home automation server (Home Assistant) and the only thing i can think of to have the PSU control plugin notify Home assistant that it wants to turn on the PSU is Mqtt.

I have tried looking at what the Mqtt plugin sends, but it does not send anything when the PSU is supposed to turn on. It only sends errors when it can't connect to the printer.

Something i looked in to was having the PSU control plugin send a Mqtt message through the system command option, but i do not have the skills to know if that even would be possible.

Is there anyone that have a suggestion on making this work?

Hi, it's quite simple, first you have to SSH into your host system and install mosquitto-clients.

Then in the PSU control settings you choose System command option and enter the desired commands, for example:

mosquitto_pub -h -p 1883 -t 'printer/psu' -u "username" -P "password" -d -m 'ON'

I hope this helps!


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Hi! I made exactly this kind of plugin.

Check out my post: New plugin: MQTT for PSUControl