Multi-arch OctoPrint Docker container


Hi all. In case anyone is using Docker on their raspberry pi (I use hypriot's rpi image). The image is up at

I'm taking advantage of multi-arch so this image supports both x86 and arm processors simply by running:

$ docker run nunofgs/octoprint

I also provide a master tag which is automatically built from git, once per day.

Have fun!


What's the difference between your docker image and the official octoprint one?


Hi Mentaluproar. My Docker image was actually created before the "official" one existed.

The "official" one is being maintained by the community (not Foosel) and does contain mjpeg-streamer (for streaming from the webcam) and only supports the x86 architecture.

My container is multi-arch so you can run it on X86 computers as well as ARM (raspberry Pis, etc).


If we're talking about guysoft and OctoPi...

pi@octopi:~ $ uname -m


OctoPi isn't docker based :wink: This is what @nunofgs was referring to.