Multi Cam plugin stream url?

I've installed the multicam plugin on my octoprint to use my rasberry pi camera as well as a seperate USB camera, but I don't know what to put it for the stream URL for the second camera.
Any help would be much appreciated!

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I haven't installed this yet but @Michael_Morris would probably know how.

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It depends on how you are setting up your stream.

For me i use another raspberry Pi and install MotionEyeOs, which creates a network stream for my webcams, to which all i input in the url is:

http://{IP address of pi running MotionEyeOs}:{Port the camera is streaming to}

If you are trying to setup the camera by plugging it into the raspberry pi that is running octoprint however you may need to setup mjpg-streamer. I believe it is already installed with octopi, however it may still need to be configured. That should let you setup a stream from the pi your octoprint is running on, then all you would need to figure out is what port the stream is running on and the ip address of the pi (you may be able to use localhost), i have not used mjpg-streamer myself so im not really sure how that works.

Once you know the port you should be able to use the url format i showed above to get the stream working. Hopefully that helps point you in the right direction. If not, i recommend investing in a second raspberry pi and installing MotionEyeOs which works great for setting up more that one network stream to different ports, and keeps the load of running multiple cameras from causing issues with your prints.

Good luck!