Multi plugin in installer!

Could the plugin manager be changed to allow you to select multiple plugins, then install them all at once, then restart, please!!! It's really tedious to do it one by one!

This will not be as big of an issue with version 1.3.10. Includes a backup/restore plugin that zips everything together and automatically installs supported plugins on restore.

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Unless you're a new user and you want all the plugins (because they're awesome).

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Exactly! Ding Ding!

This is my situation atm.

Pro tip: don't. Especially if you are new.

There's more than enough to explore in OctoPrint without plugins. Installing just about every plugin will only serve to make things more confusing.

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In addition, some plugins only work with Marlin, others only with Repetier...

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True but If you have a list of plugins you know you want, say for a new instance, it would be super helpful to just select them all and install in one pass.