Multiple webcams

I am using Octoprint intensiveley - daily. I like it very much however I miss the option for a second webcam. I wonder if there could be a development made in this direction.

Addressed by @foosel in the latest Octoprint On Air - I LOL'd when she said that a multi-webcam plugin would be a low-hanging fruit for someone who wants to become a hero overnight. :smiley:

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Also interested in this.

I might make a stab at making this plugin over the weekend. It doesn't seem like it would be very difficult to implement as a plugin, especially if it's just for viewing and not timelapse. Add conditional options for what type of stream (image vs h264 vs iframe) and a url. I would probably implement in a manner that would allow as many webcams you want on the same tab.

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I've got the initial framework started. Will be adding sizing options, pop-up views, and additional features as I go. So far tested with 2 camera view, one of the built-in mjpg stream as an image and one as an iframe to the webcam web page (shows the same stream and snapshot on octopi).

The idea is to not configure the streams or the streaming technology, but a quick and dirty way to have multiple streams displayed on the same tab. I might expand into that option later if Gina never gets around to it.

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So I've got it moving along. The only glitch so far is the ordering of the cameras in settings. It duplicates the first element you try to move versus just moving it, but you can save and go back in and delete the duplicate. Also added the sizing options as well as a "full screen" mode. Probably would want to add options for full screen widths and heights to adjust the cameras.