My New Laptop Is Inspired By Jules Verne

If Jules Verne had a laptop, it would look like this

I knew that Ice Tower would come in handy :slight_smile:

I 3D printed the keys for the keyboard, then I painted them... That was fun


That is too cool. Now you need one of those old phone cranks on the side. ha


Um, yea. That's actually on the list of "things that still need to be done as soon as the batteries come in"

I ordered 8 18650's and an 8 bay charger for them. I already have the buck converters and the battery holders mostly wired in already, and the knife switches are just waiting for something to connect to.

Right now the thing is temporarily tethered to the wall for power. Amazon says the parts will be here Thursday. We'll see about that.

It's probably gonna be the same Thursday we switch over to the Metric System. You remember how swimmingly that went... 40 years later and we're still waiting

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Tell that to the designers of the Hubble Telescope. hyuck

Knife switches, huh? You could go with main power to the Raspberry. Or you could make one an inline power switch for the USB thumbdrive or something like that.

Yeah, or the Mars Lander

My thoughts were center poles to Pi, and one side to battery pack, and the other to AC adapter

And I did have a plan for the other one, but, now I can't remember what it was. It'll probably come to me while I'm wiring it up

I should really write these things down

You should tattoo your body like that dude from Memento.

I hadta look that one up. I get it now. It's a memory joke

I think I could watch that movie

You should. It's one of the few innovative plot theme/complications I've ever seen (this side of Fight Club).

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Wow! Man I know that had to take some time.
Very cool, Jules would be proud, or miffed that he hadn't thought of it, either way, very cool.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Yea, probably about 6 months. Not solid work, but, one thing at a time. Designing and printing then hand painting those keys was pretty time consuming

Then of course, when the Rapberrry Pi 4 came in, and I hooked up that fan, and it had that light in it, I had to chop a hole in the front of the case, which I hadn't planned on. Made all the more fun by the fact that I'm not a carpenter

And I finally found the knife switches at Radio Shack, which I didn't even know still existed

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The switches... or the store? ha