My tiny (but functional) lab


A is filament for Beta Printer (yes, hanging from the ceiling)

B is filament for Alpha Printer (also hanging from the ceiling)

C is Enclosure for Beta printer (keeps the heat in for higher temp prints) (Anet A8)

D is the Alpha printer (also Anet A8)

E is the monitor for Alpha

F is the monitor for Beta (both screens are connected to the same PC)

G is the touchscreen mounted to the Alpha printer. Client is the cell phone app in Octoprint

H is the Dremel drill press with 3D printed tool holder at top

I is the Xbox scanner I use to make 3D mini-me's to help me take over the world

J is the base that the Alpha printer sits on. Mounted on a lazy-susan for easy access

K is the C270 camera on a small tripod to monitor Alpha

L is the Raspberry Pi controlling Alpha, with an SB Motor Board connected to control the lights (mounted on the front so that you can see the lights on the SB Motor board that don't really do anything other than look cool)

M is numerous rolls of tape

N is the tripod that found a new purpose in life

Z is called Zeta, and is not in the picture. It's another Raspberry Pi that's sitting on my workbench that I use for testing so that I don't interfere with my functional stuff, and, which looks like he's about to be introduced to JARVIS (whether it works or not is anybodys guess)

JARVIS, in case anybody is wondering, is an acronym which stands for (remember, Tony Stark came up with this)...

Just A Really Very Intelligent System

I love that sense of humor !


Wow, what a room...! I just have two spaces carved out of my living room at the moment rather than my own mancave.

Would love to have a Dremel; I use a standard hand rasp and sandpaper at the moment. I dabbled in attempting to tumble the parts in abrasive but that didn't go well—I'll reserve that for the to-be-electroplated parts only.

I think I would have to spend an hour cleaning up the project desk before attempting a video like this. ha (I have a pile system in place at the moment which works well enough.)


Well, I DID manage to eek out a small bit of actual workbench space, but, right now it's being occupied by a slightly disassembled Omnibot 2000 who is having arm problems

I've got the right arm functional (I think, it's not reassembled enough to test yet) and am working on the left arm, which I'm hoping should be done by morning

And THEN we move on to the really fun part of trying to hook him up to a Raspberry Pi with absolutely no idea where to start other than saying that "I have the Omnibot and the Raspberry in the same room, now what ?"

So, as you can see, my limited bench space is rather occupied at the moment. Hopefully, by morning, he'll at least be in one piece and taking up less space


That is some organised chaos right there! An impressive man cave of stuff! :grinning:


Can we call it nerd cave please? It's not only men who have (or would love to have) a space like this :wink:


I need some medication. My OCD just kicked in, big time. :sweat_smile: