Mysterious upload... SKR Mini E3 V2.0

I have just installed the SKR mini E3 V2.0 board in my Ender 3 and upon booting OctoPrint I have noticed that a mysterious file appeared in uploads labeled “SKR-min~.gco”. The download button is grayed out on this file so I do not know how to take a look at what it contains. Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone know what this file is? I am a bit hesitant to delete or do anything with it.

Probably a file on the SD card of the SKR? You can pull the SD card out of the board, put it in PC and open. Probably some example file, or something

Thanks, I will try this when I get home. I was unaware that Octoprint will display files on the printer’s sd card. Still new to Octoprint and 3D printing in general.