Name resolution hacks for Windows/Linux


I created some information in case people with Windows, for example, have to use their printer's IP address in order to access OctoPrint.

Hopefully, this is useful.


I too have had problems with Windows when Bonjour is installed but I bit the bullet and installed Bonjour Print Services in order to use Octoprint. I have, in the past, edited the hosts file to add a pseudo DNS entry but this caught me out when the IP address changed. Of course this won't be a problem now that I have reserved the Raspberry Pi's IP address in DHCP.

Thanks for the reminder, I'll try uninstalling Bonjour later - when the current print has finished.


As a long-time I.T. Administrator, I can tell you that Bonjour on Windows isn't optimal. It seems to insert itself first in the driver stack and can prevent a Toshiba printer's correct drivers to be loaded when it's discovered, for example.

  1. User clicks on Add Printer
  2. Windows starts listening for broadcasts on all its available drivers
  3. The Bonjour broadcast randomly comes in before the NETBIOS or WSD
  4. Windows drives on with the Bonjour-related driver set, ignoring the other options for connecting to it


It's been many years since I experienced issues with Bonjour being loaded. In the end I had to remove all of Apple's apps before the problems disappeared.