Need beta testers for Filament Watch plugin

Hi all,

I'm looking for at least a couple betas and some feedback on my Filament Watch plugin before I (try to) publish to the official repository. If you're interested, it's available here:

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"Boundary" (rather than Boundry, btw.)

Sweet concept. Check out my attempt at this movement detection. I don't have it working yet; too many distractions.

Hah! Very cool idea. Economical too.

Thanks for the the feedback - I wish I could take credit for the idea - or even the execution - but I really am just packaging RLLynch's work in a more modern form. I did make the Arduino more generic and configurable, so I can see this same controller and code being used for many applications that might use an encoder (X, Y and Z axis are easy targets from here).

I'll end up using yours, mine or a hybrid of both. (My last job died from this stupid Shaxon filament cross-fed on the spool.) grrrrr