Need connection help

What is the problem?
I changed my router in my house , took my card out of my rasberry pi opened up the card in note++ changed my router to new and now I can not get octopi to pull up . I can see where it is connected to my router . I made sure passwrod and everything was right on the card . Just frustrated I had it working great till my router died.

can you connect to your router and see what's connected through that interface
may well give you a different IP address

When I go to my router it shows the it is connect but when I type in octopi.local It says it can not be reached

try using the IP address

I tried to but it said my username and password are no good

what's asking for username/password? octoprint?

When I try to log into it using the IP address it’s asking for user name and password

a screen shot would help, but if both
password are on the screen it's PROB90 octoprint
rather than the pi itself, which prompts for username, then asks for password

have you tried the octoprint username/password you last used?

I will take a screenshot when I get home and I tried my normal user name a password to no avail

Ok here is what happens when I go to octopilocal

Here is when I try the up address

try this link
reset octoprint password

Ok now I can log into via IP address but still can not through octopi.local

yeah, I still get that
not to worry too much
the IP address method works :slight_smile:

".local" addresses not resolving is a known issue for windows users for YEARS!! the easiest way to fix is to install the bonjour print services. There is an old link on apple support pages, but easiest is to install full itunes, or extract just the bonjour installer from it... this will need to happen to one machine in your network, but if you can get just the bonjour part extracted, it is so small of a service, it work better to install on all windows machines...

I do have bonjour but it doesn’t recognize the pi

try just http://octopi :slight_smile:

I am completely new to Octoprint. Can Octoprint with a camera be run from a pc without being connected to a network or wifi?