Need plugin help

I am trying to modify the GPIO plugin to get it's shutdown command from the Octoprint->server fields. Here's what I did:
-Created a repository in Github
-Did a fork of the GPIO plugin
-Made the3 line modification to the using the Git editor
-Made some corrections to the file using the Git editor
-Downloaded the zip file to my local computer
-Installed the zip file into Octoprint
-Enabled the plugin in the Plugin Manager

PROBLEM: The configuration settings does not show up in the Octoprint settings. The original plugin did have settings, and I didn't change these.

I have attached the logs and a screenshot of the problem. (232.5 KB)

Your log shows an error with the shutdown command at line 108 in

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Fixed that. I was using V2 comments. Changed that, and it loads fine.

I have a problem, however. When I install the original plugin from the Octoprint repository, I get a configuration screen, and it works fine. When I install the plugin by downloading the .zip file from github and install the downloaded zip file, it installs correctly, but the configuration screen is blank, so obviously, it is not installing correctly. The log doesn't show any errors. Therefore, I must be doing something wrong. Does anyone have a clue how to install directly from github?

I tried the plugin tutorial, but got stuck on the first simple example. I am doing the tutorial on the pi that has Octoprint. When I issued the command:
$from future import absolute_import, unicode_literals(the double underline before and after the "future" don't display
I get the error:
from: can't read /var/mail/future
What am I doing wrong? Is the tutorial incorrect?

Thanks in (10.8 KB)

You can right-click the zip download link and copy the url/link to ckipboard, and then paste that into plugin manager > get more > ...from URL and click install.

Which tutorial are you referring to and which step?

Tried that. Got all sorts of errors. That is the reason for the questions.


Third yellow block.