Need radio button for my IDEX printer

Need someone to make plug-in with a radio button at the top of the screen for an IDEX printer. Three values .... only one can be selected at a time. (S)ingle (D)uplicate (M)irror. I have the code that I put in the before print job starts section. Kind of new so I'm not sure if that's the correct place or not but it works for me ....thanks

If it's just GCODE commands that need to be sent you can use Custom Controls to add whatever buttons you want. If you use the plugin linked in the docs I recommend disabling it after you have saved your settings. The settings will persist even with the plugin disabled, but it's known to wipe out settings if it's enabled. There's also terminal commands extended.

When you want to have it in the navbar, you can use the Enclosure plugin. With that you also can add mechanical buttons to approach this.

Well you weren't kidding about that losing settings part. Had everything all set up and then lost the settings.It was working great though....trying terminal commands now...Thanks

Like I said, if you get it setup in a way that you like you can just disable the plugin. I know that plugin's features are going to be integrated into OctoPrint because the plugin maintainer is no longer working on it. You could also install my patched version by copying/pasting the URL below into plugin manger > get more > ...from URL and clicking Install.

If you know at slicetime which mode you are going to use then you could just create 3 printer profiles.

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We have it created with Custom Controlls for the Weedo X40 Idex printer