New feature planned for PrusaSlicer

I'm sure there are many who use PrusaSlicer but do not have a Prusa printer.

I saw this interesting snippet in Prusa firmware release notes.

"Time Remaining" function improved

Until now, the firmware was only able to display how much time remains until the print is finished. There were multiple suggestions from the community on further improvements. Starting this release, the developers have implemented the first stage. However, to make the function work correctly, the PrusaSlicer dev team also needs to publish a new release because the G-code instructions must be updated.

Release notes here - 3.10.0 Firmware for MK3, MK3S, MK3S+ – General discussion, announcements and releases – Prusa3D Forum

I wonder if any plugin authors will implement this.

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The relevant details:

The printer will switch every 5 seconds between "remaining-printing-time" and "time-to-next-color-change." Therefore the user will be informed in advance when the next filament change is expected.

G-code M73 has been extended with two parameters: C (for normal mode) and D (for stealth mode). Until now, the PrusaSlicer produced pairs of lines in the form of (example):

M73 P15 R30
Once this feature is fully implemented, the code will look as follows:

M73 P15 R30 C15

There's already an OctoPrint plugin called TimeToFilament which will display the time until the next M600 gcode, so if anywhere I suspect this would be a good place for this to be used to inform the calculations.

It would be neat to have a warning that colour change was imminent.

There's also a couple of M73 specific plugins that might also be relevant candidates for feature requests.