New GPX Plug-in woes


I got the 'hey there is a new GPX plug-in' notification today so I upgraded and am having some odd things happening now. Previously I had modified the Simplify3D start script to get things to work properly with the GPX plug-in, the main change was to comment out the G92 line, see snippet below.

; **** Replicator 2X start.gcode ****
M73 P0 ; Enable build progress
G162 X Y F3000 ; Home XY maximum
G161 Z F1200 ; Home Z minimum
;G92 Z-5 ; Set Z to -5
G1 Z0 ; Move Z to 0
G161 Z F100 ; Home Z slowly
M132 X Y Z ; Recall home offsets
M135 T0 ; Load right extruder offsets
G1 X-130 Y-75 Z30 F9000 ; Move to wait position off table

With the G92 commented out if I canceled a print (from machine) and then started printing it would home the build plate but then drive it all the way down (instead of the up to switch, back off switch, up again slowly). On a whim I uncommented the G92 and it took care of that.

Also, when canceling a print from machine the head goes to the back, left and one of the steppers is still running. I had to use the stop motors button in Octoprint.

From what I could gather the new plug-in clears/resets the axis offsets when a print starts. This seems to have some undesired effects.


Hmmm... The problem I've been grappling with lately is that json parsing changed so that I get 'None' as a string where I used to get None the value for 'undefined' json. This messes a bunch of things up by basically mangling the gpx.ini and r2x.ini files in ~/.octoprint/data/GPX folder.

However, your symptoms are a bit different. The G92 thing should have been a problem from the beginning for you if you ever printed one thing after another. A better way to work around this is to change that G92 to:

G92 X0 Y0 Z-5 A0 B0

So that both your machine and GPX are on the same page from that point forward.

I'm not sure what the cancelling issue is, but it's probably another flavor of the old race problem. Is that consistent for you?