New help with octopi

ok let me begin, I have been trying to install ocotoprints on my raspberry pi 3b+ for 3 day with the latest octoprint version. I turn my pi on and it loads all the way to where it asked for a pass word. I have tried the typical pi raspberry and nope nothing . Is there some way to go around that or what . I am ready to pull my hair out . I have checked the keyboard to make sure it was typing the right letters and it is . What else can I do .

Hello @2ofakind!

'pi' & 'raspberry' are for the back end.
For the web GUI you have defined your own id and password during the setup.
You can reset these: I forgot my OctoPrint password, how can I reset it?

How did I define it in setup, All I did was flash octoprints to and sd card put that in my raspberry pi and turn the pi on . before it even boots up it asks for the login in and password . It wont let me past that part .

And the image is from the official site, I assume...

You might try to walk (slowly) through this tutorial. Note that Etcher is now called balenaEtcher.

@2ofakind, just so we know what your setup and your expectations are: Do you have a screen attached to your raspberry pi, and do you expect a user interface to show up on it? That is not the default intended behavior of OctoPrint.

OctoPrint is normally accessed through a webbrowser, from a different computer on the same network as the raspberry pi. You can run a webbrowser on the raspbarry pi and show the same web interface on the raspberry pi, but additional steps are needed to install that. It is advisable to first get things working with a webbrowser on another computer.

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