New manual bed leveling hardware for the Robo C2

Given that we have the new Manual Bed Leveling Wizard plugin from @jneilliii, I thought I'd mod my printer to get my platform to be a little straighter. Technically, I've got an IR sensor and autoleveling on this but the Bed Level Visualizer was telling me that things weren't all that great to begin with. The plastic bed on the Robo C2 printer, combined with its embedded magnets and the inability to adjust the cantilevered platform meant that I just needed to live with those problems... until now.

Over the weekend, I designed my own bed leveling hardware for my printer.

This was tough. There was only 8.6mm clearance under the platform and the Z end-stop adjustment doesn't appear to be adjustable on this printer. (So I couldn't go any lower than that amount.) I didn't want to go too much taller than the original design since that meant I would lose print volume at the top.

I need the files so i can try these on my printer to hopefully fix my problem. How can I download these files.

Do you have a Robo C2 printer?

I do, its been hours and hours and a little bit of night mare. So, im hoping this will solve my problem.

Shoot me your email address via PM and I'll send the files to you as well as the blog entry describing the other parts you'll need.

It said it wonโ€™t let me message you for some reason. REDACTED

Alright, I sent you an email on that.