New OctoPi Release: 0.15.1

Guy Sheffer has released OctoPi 0.15.1 - big thanks to him and also to everyone who helped test the release candidate and the nightly builds that went into this and reported back!

0.15.1 is a minor release, fixing an issue discovered in 0.15.0 concerning OctoPrint plugin installation:

Changes in the image

  • Pinned pip version to version 9

The full release notes can be found at Github.

Please note that OctoPrint 1.3.9 will also contain a fix for this particular issue, so if you are already running OctoPi 0.15.0 with OctoPrint 1.3.8 and so far haven’t encountered any issues, once OctoPrint 1.3.9 is released you should also be in the clear.

You can download OctoPi 0.15.1 from the usual place. If you are asking yourself how to update from an earlier version of OctoPi, please read on.

“How do I update?”

There is currently no way to update from earlier OctoPi versions to a new version of that image. It’s not strictly necessary though - a new image basically means that if you have to setup a new instance you’ll start at a newer version of everything bundled with the image. Anything included on the image however can also be kept up to date without having to reflash. OctoPrint will prompt you to update itself, and most of the image itself can be kept up to date like every other Raspbian image.

So no pressing need to reflash!

If you want to however, make sure you back everything up. I might look into a way to automate this too.

Confused about the difference between OctoPi and OctoPrint? Read this!

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