New OctoPrint livestream format for #SaveAtHome: OctoPrint Code & Chat

Since not everyone is following me or OctoPrint on Twitter or already subscribed to the OctoPrint Youtube Channel, and since I also don't want to spam everyone's OctoPrint instances with notifications about this, a quick post here...

As announced in the OctoPrint On Air #30 stream I've created a new livestream format "OctoPrint Code & Chat", to act as a way to get together during these times of social distancing and isolation. In this format I work on OctoPrint, giving everyone a chance to look over my shoulder while I code on the project. The first episode (still referred to as "OctoPrint After Hours" since I wasn't yet sure which direction things would go) went on air yesterday:

I plan to do these more or less regularly during the coming weeks, at least as long as the lock down situation persists. I'll probably keep doing them occasionally after as well, though with a lower frequency. They'll be public for everyone, so if watching me code and chatting a bit with y'all sounds interesting to you, feel free to subscribe to the YouTube channel and maybe also the Twitter account and make sure to enable notifications so you don't miss when I go live.


FYI, next one scheduled for tonight, April 3rd @ 17:00CEST:


Next one, April 7th @ 17:00 CEST:

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