New Octoprint Raspberry

i use an old Banana pi A20 for my Octoprint. Some things dosnt work well. So i decided to buy a new one,
I only want to use it for Octoprint. in Octoprint i will use a HD Cam and an external HDD . i will not boot from sd card.
I am not a linux specialist. So it will be fine if i buy a new one that there is a good documentation to install octoprint .

So what Raspberry can you recommend? A Raspberry Pi 4 4 GB? A smaller one?

regards Juergen

It's pretty straight forward: Flash the image on the sd card, put it in the Pi, boot it - done.
You may have to configure some things like wifi (if you're going wireless) and the cam resolution.

Just follow the guide on the Octoprint hp and read this if you want to change the webcam resolution.

A Pi 3+ or a Pi 4 2GB are also sufficient - you don't get any extra performance with the additional 2 GB ram.
If you want to go small form factor and/or want to save money the Pi Zero 2 is also a good option. But fyi - it doesn't support 5 GHz wifi like the Pi 3+ and Pi 4.

edit: You just edited your post and added that you want to run it form an external HDD/SSD. In that case I would go with the Pi 4 2GB.

hi, i will also boot from external hdd not from sd card
Regards Alero

edited my post :slight_smile:

hi, whats the right label for the needed raspberry , what addons should i buy and where can i buy it ?

Where you buy it depends on where in the world you live. You can go to Buy a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B – Raspberry Pi to see an approved reseller, or search the internet yourself to find one.

in germany. Its sold out 2-3 Weeks :frowning: