New plugin CameraControl - Adoption by finisher wanted

new plugin CameraControl - Adoption by finisher wanted

to make it a little bit easier to me, I wrote a small new plugin to control a camera, showing what's going on at the printer.

Maybe it might be useful to others.
Unfortunately I don't have the time to finish it for distribution.
To me it does what it should, but actually it is bound to my environment and use hard coded settings.


  • add installation support
  • add translations
  • adding of a settings feature
  • final tests at other environments then Pi/full Stretch OS/OctoPrint standard design
  • tests with other OctoPrint versions then 1.4.2

Basic architecture of this CameraControl solution:
OctoPrint 1.4.2
Commands are given direct to OctoPrint System commands which call shell scripts, no GCODE
Shell scripts do I2C communication to a Arduino Nano and to some GPIO driven relays
A small Pi daemon that does GPIO (incl. I2C) initialization
A Arduion sketch that supports I2C communication and control 2 little servos and 2 little stepper for the 4 directions, zoom +/- and focus

If "you" are interested, I can give you all the codes like the, *.jinja2, *.js and the other stuff like scripts, c-code, *.ino, ... and of course support on coding as far as I have the needed know how.
Maybe to OctoPrint site it's enough to make the plugin ready for distribution by limit the solution to OctoPrint System Command interface.

Stay healthy

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@FranFran might be interested since he maintains the EasyServo plugin.

Ok - noone.
Then I'll upload it here. Maybe someone would like to use of it later. (4.7 KB)