New plugin loading but Octopi checks for template


I am making a new plugin to detect a GPIO pin is high or low and pause the print .Later i will add the fuctionality to dump X Y Z value after pause into a file so i can manually resume print after power loss (to check voltage is 0 or high to determine powerloss)
[hardware part: i will use a voltage sensor with adc as input to raspberry pi]

my (single file .py code)
after placing it in ~/.octoprint/plugins folder i restarted my octopi but the webpage shows me error page and to check my logs.

i checked my logs and found that octoprint checks for templates inside my plugin which i didnt define
my logs after using the plugin:


how do i make my plugin to load whatever is already present ui/themes?
(i dont want to modify any tempate or css file just check for GPIO pin status and give pause command)